Zenii Clear Skin


A fantastic all in one supplement for Acne & Rosacea & inflammatory skin disorders
๏Use in conjunction with good, consistent topical skincare

Essential vitamins & minerals for inflamed or congested skin
Probiotic support for complete skin repair & health, especially beneficial if there has been recent
antibiotic consumption
Antioxidant support to protect skin from damage and to help the skin heal & repair
Omega 3 essential fatty acid to support skin barrier function



Vitamins A, C, D, E & B1, B2, B7 & B12 for skin health & collagen
Essential minerals e.g. zinc, mg, selenium for optimal cellular function
Antioxidants – Green tea, Grapeseed extract, Montmorency Cherry
Flaxseed oil (vegetarian Omega 3) to repair barrier function & improve skin
Bromelain (from pineapples) to reduce inflammation
Baccillus Coagulans – probiotic for gut health & immune function
Acetyl -L -Carnitine – amino acid that boosts skin repair & reduces sebum output
1-2 per day with meals or as recommended

Fantastic all in one supplement for acne & rosacea & inflammatory skin disorders
Use in conjunction with good, consistent topical skincare


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