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Intelligent DNA Health

Genes don’t determine disease on their own. Genes function only by being activated, or expressed, and nutrition plays a critical role in determining which genes, good and bad, are expressed.

How is your environment and lifestyle affecting your genes?

Get an insight into what your genes can tell you about your health. Make the right diet and lifestyle choices for a healthier you. With genetic and lifestyle analyses, we offer personalised solutions to health conditions and wellness goals.

We are different

 Interpreting DNA results well is not about volume. It’s about relevant and understandable results that provide insights for specific health problems.

 myDNAhealth only tests for genetic markers that are actionable through diet and lifestyle modifications.

 Our expert scientific team has built a series of exceptional DNA test algorithms, using the latest technology and analytics tools. Thousands of data points including DNA and lifestyle is applied to create personalised approaches to diet and lifestyle for each person tested.

 myDNAhealth’s DNA Report contains the most detailed, useful information to give you the tools to maximise your health potential.



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