Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test

Stay safe with our non-invasive lower nostril  Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test. Accepted by 190 international destinations.

Cost £35.00


Fully Approved and validated Rapid Antigen Test Kits

96.8% diagnostic sensitivity, 97.1% specificity

Results and certificate ready within 4 hours.

Test Approval Granted in the UK & EU

Registered with MHRA and CE

We offer 2 types of COVID-19 tests.

1. Antigen PCR Test.
2. Antibody tests.

Which test do you need?

The Antigen PCR Test is useful :
• For International Travel
• For screening the general population without symptoms.

We carry out tests for screening purposes ie for the workplace.
If you believe you have COVID or have COVID related symptoms
you are advised to call 119/via the NHS test and trace website
to access an NHS test.

The Antibody Test is useful :
• To detect past exposure or infection to COVID-19 virus.

Are the tests Valid?

Yes. All our tests are carried out in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

What is the process?

– Once you have confirmed your flight details and other requirements, call to book your appointment accordingly.
As long as there are no exclusions you would carry out a throat and
nasal swab (suitable for persons over 2 years of age) which is sent to the accredited laboratory.
– Results are typically received by us 48hours after receipt in the Lab.
– Test Results and a certificate are sent to you by email.

We accept no liability for test results not received in this timeframe as it is not within our control. Please consider your timing carefully when booking appointments.

We are not able to carry out COVID swab testing for anyone that is
unwell or has COVID symptoms (cough, temperature, difficulty
breathing or flu like illness). We do not carry out Day 28 tests for
returning travellers.

Tests cost | £125.00