Common problems

Hair Loss

It is normal to lose hair, this is known as shedding. When the loss is excessive causing thinning or bald patches it may cause concern. The key to treating hair loss is understanding the cause. At Eucalyptus we make a full assessment and discuss the treatment options. We offer both medical and more natural solutions for a range of Hair Loss problems; Female pattern hair loss, Male pattern hair loss and other types of Alopecia.

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Acne over the age of 25 is a source of inconvenience. It affects the skin in so many ways with varying degrees of severity. From the humble pimple to juicy abscesses to the extreme where the skin is left scarred and discoloured. At Eucalyptus we have managed to improve the skin of clients across the spectrum. Our bespoke treatment options will make a difference to your skin.

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Eczema or sometimes referred to as dermatitis is inflammation of the skin characterised by redness, swelling, itching and excoriation (scratch marks) in the acute form. In the chronic (persistent) form, regular rubbing of the skin through itching and scratching, leads to thickening or ‘lichenification’, scaling and post-inflammatory darkening of the skin.

Talk to us at Eucalyptus about our treatments for this condition and how we can help.

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Rosacea is an irritating, difficult-to-manage redness or flushing of the skin condition. It affects the skin on the face, most often on and around the nose and cheeks, and can be uncomfortable and even painful in some cases. 
It’s a complicated condition which may present different symptoms depending on the individual and needs expert diagnosis and treatment.

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Acne scarring is usually an after-effect of cystic acne or inflamed blemishes. Some people are left with pigmentation (darker or lighter patches of skin) after their blemishes have healed, and some may be left with pitted facial scarring from acne, where the skin appears uneven and dimpled.

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At Eucalyptus Clinic we have various treatments to improve the appearance of these stubborn problems; Carboxytherapy – using carbon dioxide infused into the skin to produce amazing improvements to the skin. It works by increasing blood flow and oxygenation of the skin which leads to remodelling and improved skin elasticity. It can be used to treat stretch marks, hair loss, scars, cellulite, dark circles and generally tighten and lift skin leaving you with naturally looking firmer skin.

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Private Medical Consultations and Diagnostics for a wide range of Medical complaints.
Hassle free access to blood tests and scans, access to top quality consultants.



• Removal of Lumps and bumps.
• Wart removal.
• Removal of ingrown toenails.
• Skin tags and verrucas.
• Removal of harmless growths.



Our doctors at Eucalyptus Clinic have extensive experience when it comes to supporting women who may struggle through this great and often difficult change in their lives.


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